Maker Movement Advisory


The maker movement is really just beginning to build momentum and we need more organizations to get involved. As a leader in the movement, I have decided to engage with governments, corporations, NGO’s, and non-profits (foundations, libraries, schools and museums) to help them create viable strategies and programs that leverage the movement. I will take on a limited number of clients each year and work to drive significant and substantive programs to increase the positive impact of the movement on the globe.

My book, The Maker Movement Manifesto, has become the leading text on the movement and it is a good place to start to learn more about the Maker Movement, makerspaces and how they are impacting innovation, entrepreneurship, education, economics and society. Follow me on LinkedIn (markhatch) and Facebook (markrhatch) or drop me note ( if you would like me to speak at your next event or talk about how I might be able to help your organization engage with the movement.

It was a great nine years at TechShop, seven as the CEO. Over that time many of my friends became heroes and many of my heroes became friends… TechShop grew more than 40 fold with locations on four continents and helped 10’s of thousands of people pursue their dreams. Many of them positively changed the world in the process.

I’m spending more time speaking, writing and consulting and would love to hear from you about interests in innovation, entrepreneurship, makers, makerspaces, AI, VR/AR, and other trends that are impacting our world.

Here are a few links to talks I’ve done.

Please do drop me a note and say, “Hi.”